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Dplon Polycarbonate is an amorphous thermoplastic engineering polymer is having very good thermal, electrical, mechanical and optical properties polycarbonate is versatile material with attractive processing and physical properties.

Features for Dplon Compounds

  • Durable
  • High impact resistance
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Better flame retardant properties
  • Better mechanical properties

Chemical Structure of Polycarbonate


Repeating Chemical structure unit of Polycarbonate made from Bisphenol -A. Polycarbonate is a durable material , unlike most thermoplastics it can resist plastic deformations without cracking or breaking.

We have range of Dplon Polycarbonate compounds for use in injection moulding , polycarbonate is compounded with Glass, FR and other Additives to produce better mechanical properties it is available in Natural, Black & colours.

Technical Specifications

  • Description
  • Polycarbonate Unfilled White
  • Polycarbonate Unfilled Black
  • Polycarbonate Unfilled FR VO Gun Grey
  • Polycarbonate 20% Glass Filled Natural
  • Polycarbonate 30% Galss Filled Natural
  • Polycarbonate Unfilled Transparant Smoke Grey
  • Polycarbonate 10% Glass Filled FR VO Black
  • Polycarbonate + PBT Unfilled Alloy Black
  • Grade
  • Dplon UF-P-011 D White
  • Dplon UF-P-012 Black
  • Dplon UF-P9-016 Gun Grey
  • Dplon GF-P-210 Natural
  • Dplon GF-P-310 Natural
  • Dplon UF-P-0012 Smoke Grey
  • Dplon GF-P9-112 Black
  • Dplon UF-PB-012 Black