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Dpnor modified PPE is a strong engineering plastic with outstanding mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Low moisture absorption and low thermal expansion make Dpnor one of the most dimenssionally stable thermoplastics available. Dpnor is widely used for water portable parts, electrical housings and structural components since it has excellent insulating properties, flame resistance, and dimensional stability over a wide range of service temperatures. Dpnor is often selected for fluid handling applications since it has low moisture absorption and excellent strength and stiffness. Dpnor is easy to fabricate, paint, and glue.                                                                                                   

Features for Dpnor Compounds

  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High strength, stiffness and toughness
  • Easy to machine
  • High dielectric strength
  • Good impact resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Chemical resistance

Chemical Structure of PPE

We have range of Modified Polyphenylene Ether (mPPE) Compounds for use in injection moulding. 

It is compounded with Glass, FR & other chemical additives to give properties like excellent heat & water resistance. It is available in Natural, Black & Colours.

Technical Specifications



  • mPPE Unfilled Natural
  • mPPE Unfilled Black
  • mPPE 20% GF Natural
  • mPPE 20% GF Black
  • mPPE 30% GF Natural
  • mPPE 30% GF Black
  • mPPE 20% GF FR Black
  • mPPE +PA Unfilled Natural
  • mPPE+PA 30% GF Black
  • mPPE Unfilled FR Natural


  • Dpnor UF-M-010
  • Dpnor UF-M-012
  • Dpnor GF-M-210
  • Dpnor GF-M-212
  • Dpnor GF-M-310
  • Dpnor GF-M-312
  • Dpnor GF-M9-212
  • Dpnor UF-MN-010
  • Dpnor GF-MN-312
  • Dpnor UF-M9-010