Our Product Portfolio


Dpron Polypropylene Compounds has the advantages of excellent comprehensive properties, good chemical stability, good shape processing performance and relatively low cost. It is adapted to a wider range of application requirements through modifying, copolymerization, grafting, blending, reinforced filling, Glass filling etc.


Features for Dpron Compounds

  • Good fatigue resistance
  • Good hinging properties
  • Good chemical stability
  • Reasonably economical

Chemical Structure of Polypropylene

We have a range of Polypropylene Compounds for the use in injection Moulding. It is compounded with various Minerals (Talc, calcite, Wollastonite & Mica), Chemically coupled & Uncoupled Glass and other Chemical additives to give properties like High Flow, High Gloss, High Modulus- High Impact, Flame Retardant, It is available in Natural, Black & Colours.


Product Description


  • 10% - 40% Mineral filled compounds.
  • 10% - 40% Glass reinforced compounds.
  • Impact modified compounds for automobile applications.
  • Mineral filled high gloss compounds for appliances.
  • Flame retardant compounds.
  • High tensile, chemically coupled glass compounds.
  • PP - Long term heat ageing (LTHA) compounds.
  • Special compound for energy meter enclosures.


Technical Specifications



  • mPPE Unfilled Natural
  • mPPE Unfilled Black
  • mPPE 20% GF Natural
  • mPPE 20% GF Black
  • mPPE 30% GF Natural
  • mPPE 30% GF Black
  • mPPE 20% GF FR Black
  • mPPE +PA Unfilled Natural
  • mPPE+PA 30% GF Black
  • mPPE Unfilled FR Natural
  • Dpnor UF-M-010
  • Dpnor UF-M-012
  • Dpnor GF-M-210
  • Dpnor GF-M-212
  • Dpnor GF-M-310
  • Dpnor GF-M-312
  • Dpnor GF-M9-212
  • Dpnor UF-MN-010
  • Dpnor GF-MN-312
  • Dpnor UF-M9-010